Grin + Bear Postcard Series

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Grin + Bear is a series of paintings inspired by the poem titled "Women who Sleep on Stones" by Lucia Perillo. Women carry many visible and invisible burdens throughout their lives. The weight of these burdens become even heavier for women who are BIPOC, trans, queer, gender non-conforming, disabled or experiencing poverty, and yet we are told by society to just grin and bear it.
By acknowledging someone's burden you can help make the weight feel a bit lighter. I invite you to send one of these postcards to a woman in your life who may be currently experiencing hardship or struggling through a tough time. This small gesture can help that person feel a bit less alone in their struggle and lot more appreciated for what they do.

This postcard pack includes 6 full colour 4"x6" postcards as well as a handmade storage envelope. Postcards will be shipped flat in a rigid envelope to ensure they arrive safely.